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 Well friends, looks like I must have left a 'friends' gate open (or at least unlatched) last night after coming back from the wholesales with another beer to share with him. 
 He disappeared around the time I was ready to leave for home, and seeing that the gate was open, I left it open when I left.
 I arrived home and gassed up my bike ready for the next days ride to work, and two minutes later he comes storming through our gate, swearing his head off at me for leaving his gate open, (which his 'well trained' dog must have taken advantage of), and wandered a bit down the road.

 Swearing and yelling are one thing friends, but when he got close to me and swung the first of many punches, it changed everything.

   His first swing slightly connected with my top lip, then when I started to stagger back out of his reach I stumbled into one of the holes that our dog had dug and fell on my ass.
 Which was very convenient for me really, as he leant over me and started raining blows at my head with both fists, which all landed on the bike helmet I was still wearing !.

   My younger flatmate came outside to see what was going on, and started telling him to leave me alone and get off our property.
 My now Ex friend staggered back from me and started making his way to the gate to leave, but not without throwing a sucker punch at the flatmate on the way past, which chipped one of his teeth.

   He then got into his car and drove off.

 I have just found out that he went to a mutual female friends place and demanded some pot from her. When she told him she had none, he then cursed and swore at her, before getting back into his car and wheelspinning out of her place, across her front lawn.

  I have known him for near twenty years now, (with regular contact), and never have I seen him like that before.

  I wonder if he is on more 'medication' than he has told anyone about ?.

     I have talked my flatmate out of laying assault charges against him, simply for the fact that we don't need the dramas involved in the whole process.
  And from this point on,, I have no friend anymore.

  And that hurts me worse than the punch ever did.

 And I Still couldn't bring myself to retaliate in like kind.


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