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 Well guys and girletts, looks like this may be my last year of working for my cool boss :(

    He took me to one side yesterday to have a 'chat' about the small family owned business that I have been happily working in for the last (almost) six years.
  And the news was something that I would have preferred not to hear I'm afraid.
 It looks like a variety of things are conspiring against us at the moment. Like too much competition from the larger drinks suppliers,ie, Pack and Save style supermarkets, etc.  Plus the fact that we are still supposedly in a time of 'economic downturn', which equates to people not having as much money to frequent the various cafes and restaurants that are the mainstay of our company. Not to mention the price of the gas to deliver the goods in the first place.
 We just can't afford to lower our prices any more than they have already been lowered, otherwise we will all be working for basically nothing.
 He suggested that I may be able to 'cut my hours down a bit more'.
  Seeing that at the moment I am barely doing fifteen hours a week as it is, I just don't think that that is really a viable option for me right now.
 I suggested that I could take a $50 pay cut a week, if that would help, but they need a lot more than that measly sum to stay afloat, unfortunately :(
   I told him that if I could find an afternoon part time job,(along with the 'reduced' hours from this job, that would help things a bit, but then the boss would have to come in and work at any times that I wasn't there. And he has had enough of working what is basically five jobs all day, (unloading trucks, putting away the said stock, getting it out again for the incoming orders, loading the delivery van, and Then, delivering said stock).
 That is a heck of an amount of work guys !.
 He did it for years with his wife doing the repping, and he just doesn't want to take two steps backwards at this time of his life.

   So things are looking a bit tight around here now :(.
 And I was going to ask him to subsidise a new 'made in Germany' motor that I found on the internet the other day,, pretty cheap at $499, excluding postage that is (From Germany !!!). I imagine that the courier costs of that wouldn't be all that cheap either !. But it has to be better than those crappy made in china ones, eh friends !. 'Buy cheap,,, GET cheap', as the saying goes !.

    I really can't complain though guys, I have got three new bikes out of working for him for the last six years, interest free loans too !!. And we have had a lot of laughs over a drink or two at his place after work !.

   Just makes me a bit sad that it could all be coming to a stop :(

 Oh well, life goes on I suppose.

  Take care out there friends !.

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