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Blah Blah blah !!

Hiya girlz and girlettes !

It's another Chrismas all ready to be celebrated.

How Joyous is that I ask !.

 Blood turns to wine

Flesh turns to wafers.

  How about pickled onions and salami and cheese instead ?.

 That would have far more appeal than cannibalism for me !.

 Maybe somebody could come up with a masterchef recipe for flesh and blood (throw in a dash of tears there for seasoning)

At least we know it is the birth of Santa Claws !!!



It's out !

Hi Guys and girlettes !

   I ended up having to go to hospital to get that cacti thorn out of my left thumb :(

 It was in so deep that they had to do surgery to remove it for me.
 So now I have about a six inch scar running from the ball of my palm and curving along the thumb to just past the knuckle. Two internal stitches, seven external.
  I had (what I call) a 'new' anaesthetic technique that I had never seen before.
  It involves placing a tornique around the elbow, and then putting the drugs in via one of those tubes with the long thin needle in the top of the hand.
  It just numbs the forearm and hand itself, without all those needles having to go right in by the wound !. (Or being put to sleep).

    It was bloody lucky that I chose that way of having it done as well guys !.

   Seeing that I was still awake throughout the whole procedure, I could still feel where they were cutting into my hand (just with no pain !), after almost twenty minutes, I ended up telling the doctor that it felt like he was in totally the wrong area, and to move his knife right up to the top of the thumb knuckle, not in the fleshy part of the palm where he was.
   He told me that that was where the ultrasound technician had pointed out where it was with his machine.
   So I basically said to him,, 'Look Doc", " It is my hand it went into, and I know exactly where I felt it moving when my doctor tried to get it out", "and I am telling you, it is Not where you are cutting right there at all" !.

   So he got a nurse to come up beside me where I could see her, and put her left hand out where I could point to where the thorn was.

   Less than two minutes later,, Whallah,, he pulled the bloody thing out ! Hahaha!!.

  I suppose that if I was in the States, I could more than likely have a case to sue them for not doing the job correctly the first time !.

  I'm just bloody glad that it is out of there, and already I have quite good movement back in my thumb :)

  By next week I should be riding my new moped bike I bought last week !!

  You people take care out there, ok !!!

Ouch ! :( & annoyed !

Hiya friends and ethernet neighbours :)

  After many years of prunning and looking after my large cacti plants, it has been many a year since they have bitten me as sorely as this morning !.

  At the moment, my left thumb is damned near totally incapacitated, and has started swelling up big time.
 Stupid me wasn't look up high enough while I was slicing a large branch off the main trunk, and one of the branches higher up was snapped off as the cut branch fell down in front of me.
 That broken length came down on the right side of my left hand. Got a few other smaller spines out of my wrist area, but,, Man,, the one in my thumb is really deep as !!.   There was just a little bit of this spine poking out from the skin, so I grabbed the tweezers and tried to pull it out myself. I could feel the spine right down through the knuckle joint as I tried to get it out, but it was wedged between the knuckle bone bit of the main knuckle joint (don't know what it's called !) just too hard, and the little bit squashed up to nothing and now the skin has swollen up around it and I cant touch it anymore !.

  A couple of people have given me their homeopathy remedies to try, so at this moment (and for the rest of the night), I will keep taping new pieces of banana skin across the hole ! (that's remedy number one !), and tomorrow, if that hasn't worked, I will go outside to the lawn and find me a plantain broadleaf weed !. Don't know how you prepare that weed one yet though. Have to ask the woman, because I looked it up after her telling me about it and couldn't see how to actually Prepare it for use.

 If none of that works for tomorrow, it will be off to the dreaded doctors :(. Haven't seen my doc for over three years, in fact, I got a letter from them a few months ago, basically asking if I was still alive !!Hahahaha!!

  And the real bugger of it is guys,, I was meant to go out to collect my New BIKE this evening !!!!
 Yep,,, that's right folks,, I have a new moped to my 'stable' !!!!.
  Three engine one's, one electric !!!.

  And now I can't even pull the clutch in just to get it home !! :(.
  I have been looking forward to getting that thing since last Sunday ! (Tuesday night here now friends :)
  I must put a few pictures up of them in here, if anyone wants to see them !.

  I hope you all have had a better day than your's truly :).
  Peace and love :)

Bloody Winter :(

Hiya guys and gals out there !.

  Looks like we have started Winter here in New Zealand :(

  The last two mornings have been around zero degrees, with a horrible white frost covering everything !.

  I really do hate the Winter guys !.
 Maybe it might have something to do with old(er) age creeping up on me ?. I seem to get frozen toes and fingertips really easily now, compared to several years ago.

  Looks like it's two pairs of socks, two pairs of gloves for the ride to work in the mornings now :(.

  Oh well, at least I have Summer to look forward to !!!!!!

 Take care out there on those icy roads friends !

Bloody wind !

 Hiya Internet peoples !

  Here in New Zealand, we are starting to have our usual bad Autumn weather right now.
  Pelting rain and winds that push you all over the road suddenly :(

  I was just riding home from work this afternoon, the rain had just eased to a heavy drizzle, when I was hit by two quite strong gusts of wind from the left, which started to push me into the 'rush hour' traffic on my right hand side. It was lucky that I was only going reasonably slowly because of the rain anyway, when five seconds later, I was hit by a Major gust, but from the Left hand side !!!. 

     I bloody hate that friends !!!.

   Even though I had slowed down a lot, I was still blown into the curb before I could apply full force to the brakes. I sort of hit the curb about the same time the brakes started working properly because of all the rain, so at least this time I didn't fall off !!Hahaha!!!.

     That wind can be a serious force of nature alright, eh guys !.

 I'm just glad that my work has started picking up a bit more than it has been for a while, so all's well that ends well !  :) 

  Hope all you people are safe out there !!! 


2 Wonder ?.

 Hiya guys and girlettes :)

  You know how good it makes me feel to think that someone worries about where I am, or wonders who I have rammed on my moped ?. 
  Not that I'm saying I ram them intentionally or anything !.
  It's more like they don't seem to comprehend how fast those bikes are going.
 A lot of that is (them) not realising how fast bikes can go now-a-days ?.

  My flower Leonard Cohen is playing in my eardrums right now !

 Not that I was being distracted by him on the way home at all. I did have him in my mind though.

  And now that I am home ??.. 

 All those people that I love need worry no more :).

Mum's b/day !

Happy birthday to my mum.

  Eighty years old on Saturday !.

   She is pissed off this year that she won't be able to do any baking for it though. 
  Bit hard to, when you have just broken your arm.

     The silly woman was washing her feet in the bathroom Tub and over balanced and came down on her right arm. And she is right handed as well !.
  She says the doctor had a chuckle when she told her how she had done it !.
  He was reasonably amazed that she could even get her leg up that high in the first place ! Hahaha!!. 

   Pretty bloody spry for an oldie,, eh guys !!.

  Happy birthday to any of you people reading this as well, ok friends ! :(  

To father ?

Hiya friends and other people !.

 My little rant tonight is going to be about being responsible for the progeny of your loins !.

 There is another site I go to where this fellow was complaining about having to pay his tax bill, and then he gets by,,,"hits by child support''

HUH ????.
HITS !!!.

Are you trying to say that you aren't responsible for the root you had that time ?.
This if he's ex wife we are talking about.

I pay my taxes, so should I pay for that too ?.

It's a bummer that it always it seems to end up as the child comes out the loser



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Still can't work her out :(

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Hi again !

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Bloody women :)

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Times change :)

Looks like you all have to change your size perspective now :(.

   Hiya guys and girletts !. 

 This is a much better type size for me to follow !.

Sorry that I haven't shed a few crumbs of wisdom around lately, It's just that I have been a bit busy trying to placate the beast within every woman when her period is due !.
  Some of you males out there with gorgeous looking females that you display in these pages,, how about putting a few shots of the (opposite perfect half) up when they Aren't on the right side of getting up from the bed in whatever time they are woken up by the big bad husband/lover/flatmate/brother/cousin/nephew/son/daddy/ etc ;).

Wouldn't that be a scream folks !!!!!


Hmmm ?.

 Hiya friends and ether neighbours !.

    Here I am, sitting at my (sometimes !) trusty pc, listening to the bells and whistles of the Guy Fawkes 'celebrations' (a few days too early by the way !), wondering why we celebrate that date year after year here in New Zealand.

    Last weekend it was Halloween, which I believe is an American thing ?, and then we have Guy Fawkes, which is a British thing ?.

    We have Waitangi Day here. Which I feel would be better buried and forgotten, for all the strife it seems to stir up !.

     It seems that our generation is almost being punished for what 'the ancestors' did in the way back when.
    It had nothing to do with us at all really, (meaning our generation). I believe that it is simply the natural progression of things, for the 'stronger' nation to assimilate the weaker one ?. (You can read, Greedy, for 'stronger' if you want to, But, what country doesn't want to have their cake and eat it too ?. At least we didn't eat the Maori, as they did to the Moriori when they 'invaded' this beautiful country of ours a hell of a long time ago). What are the Maori doing to 'redress' that issue ?. Oh, that's right, it's hard to help some peoples you have wiped from the face of the earth, eh guys :(
   'We' didn't continue to fight them until there were none of them left. Maybe it was because they knew their own country too well for that to happen ?. 
      The Maori's here are always up in arms about it every year, yet they get far more 'benefits' than any other indigineous peoples that I am aware of.
     All the settlements (both cash and land) have been given to them for the 'wrongs' that were done to their people from back then, yet, they still have their hands out for more, more ,more.
 Meanwhile, it seems that half of the young Maori are on some form of White mans benefit, while the other half are in White mans prisons, being fed by the white man, three meals a day, plus free bed and board. Not that I am saying they are all mostly low life criminals either folks, But, they do have an over representation of them in jails around the country, compared to the 'average' population.

     No-one seems to ask 'the elders' just exactly where has all those millions of dollars they have been given going to ?. They certainly aren't feeding their own people with it. WE do that. They aren't helping them out with free (or at least, cheaper) housing, again, WE do that as well.

 So ??. Where does it all end up ?.

    'They' built some humungeous hotel/motel complex with some of it, that failed for some reason or other, (after being bailed out by 'the government' in the first place). They 'invested' into one of the biggest casino chains over here, and then bemoan the fact of 'problem gambling' amongst 'their kind'. As for the rest of the multi millions ?.

 Who knows where that is now ?, it certainly isn't being used to make life any easier for the young Maori, that seems to be Our job too ?.

 I know that this may sound like some sort of rascist rant, But, I don't believe that at all really. It is a legitimate, reasonable question, only.

  They have one of the most appaling records of child abuse/maiming/killing in the 'developed' world as well, and yet they still call themselves 'civilised'.

 How can that be so ??. 

Young'ns :(

 Gidday folks !.

    I don't know about you guys, but what exactly is it with the young people nowadays ?.

        They seem to be lacking the,, ??, fun,, ??, innocence ?, of the time I was growing up in.

   Even though I wasn't exactly any sort of angel when I was younger, I didn't go round stealing cars when I was only fourteen, I didn't loiter outside the local dairy and talk to my other young friends (who would have been the grand old age of ten or so), telling them about how much booze/smokes/ I managed to swipe from my drunken dad last night.
  The boy with the stolen car died at the scene of the accident, which isn't too surprising really, after all friends, he did have the whole corner of the house he rammed into,when he lost control of the vehicle, on top of the car, his Thirteen year old accomplice is in hospital as I type this, "fighting for his life", in critical condition.
 The dead childs parents are "shocked that this could happen to their, lovely boy"

 WTF ??????.
    Your 'lovely boy' is nothing but a low life thieving little turd, lady. (Oh,, and just by the way,, Exactly where were You when he was racing through the suburban streets, trying to get away from the cops ?,, Hmm ???)

      As I say though guys, I wasn't exactly a paragon of virtue myself, Butt!!, in my defence, it was more the adults around me that were the serious badguys.
  Sure, I flogged a few smokes too from my stepgrandfather, (the one's He wasn't giving me for being 'friendly', when he would take me to work with him on the odd occasion), and I may have even stoned a few windows in the derelict houses around the neighbourhood, but that was about the extent of my 'criminal activity'.

 Maybe it is as 'They' say (the religious people, the child phycologists, the Concerned Parents League), and we are moving away from the 'morals and 'values' that used to be instilled into us as young children in the 'way back when' ?. (Not the values of the church either friends, I know how meaningless it is to attribute those people with anything like 'virtues', as for morals ?, ha !, that's a laugh !).

  I don't know about you folks out there, but the only way I had that stuff instilled in me was through the rule of fear, which we are told nowadays is totally the wrong way of going about it.

    How can they learn about respect, when they don't seem to even respect themselves ?.

 So,, they misbehave at school, they get detention, they skip out of there without a backward glance, they laugh at the teachers because they know that they are really helpless to do more than 'stand them down' for however long, they misbehave when they finally go back to school, they get detention yet again, they skip that, they then get suspended.. YIPEE !!!, no more bloody school to worry about !.
  See how much of a vicious circle that is.

   The teacher can't discipline them in any way than that, so they Are helpless, aren't they.

  They get sent home, the parents can't strap them either, so, They are helpless as well.

  And the child seems to be helpless from having this crap getting worse ?.

 That's the sad part isn't it guys, they don't know it yet, but They are going to be the ultimate losers :(

To cut ?

Hello friends and ether neighbours !

     I have just been reading in here about how some woman is 'so glad' she circumcised her baby boys penis.
     Apparently she couldn't bring herself to peel it back from the head and clean under it properly,, so she goes and mutilates her childs body,, for her own lazy (or squeemish) benefit :(
  I wish I had of been given the choice myself. I think that doing that should be the persons choice only. As for doing it for some religious reason, that is even more ludicrous.
    She should be charged with child abuse. 

Who are you,,, Really ?

 Hi there friends and others !

     I just read in here about how maybe people aren't all they seem to be inside this site ?.
  You have to be very careful about who you take at face value now.
  It is apparently quite easy for people to 'steal' one's identities,  without that person being aware of what is happening at the time,, until the credit card people start asking when you are paying back that exhorbitant sum that was used to buy some luxury item that you would never in a million years want to buy for yourself.

  I suppose that the less technological one is, the easier it is for those scumbags to get away with it in the first place ?.

    Is that the same as a virus thing ?.

    I had to reboot my pc ages ago when it started turning itself on, after I had logged out and turned it off in the proscribed manner.
   I don't think that that is quite the same as how I started my little ramble, but isn't that just the same as stealing your identity ?.

  You have people in here that show you their 'wives', in all their naked glory, Butt !,, how does one ascertain that the person being veiwed even knew they were being goggled at by a total stranger ?.

   We are really living in the world of make believe now I reckon.


Not just another day !

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Still here !.

 Just waiting for a woman to text me and tell me when she is ready to drive down from Auckland to pick up a big dining room table that my boss sold to her through Trademe last week.
  Don't know why I have to go into work on a Saturday though !.
 At least that will be one more piece of the boss' 'clutter' leaving my work area !.
 It is very slowly being decluttered with his house crap ! Hahaha!.
 Now, all we have to do is somehow get rid of the half a dozen or so industrial fridges that no longer work, and have been returned from the cafe's. That would give me back a bit more of my lost work space alright ! Hahaha!.
 It is such a pain having to move them constantly from one side of the depot to the other to get to stock that they are blocking :(
  I am heartily sick and tired of moving the bloody things all the time !.

  You guys and gals have a great weekend off ok :).

Unlocked again ?

 Well friends, looks like I must have left a 'friends' gate open (or at least unlatched) last night after coming back from the wholesales with another beer to share with him. 
 He disappeared around the time I was ready to leave for home, and seeing that the gate was open, I left it open when I left.
 I arrived home and gassed up my bike ready for the next days ride to work, and two minutes later he comes storming through our gate, swearing his head off at me for leaving his gate open, (which his 'well trained' dog must have taken advantage of), and wandered a bit down the road.

 Swearing and yelling are one thing friends, but when he got close to me and swung the first of many punches, it changed everything.

   His first swing slightly connected with my top lip, then when I started to stagger back out of his reach I stumbled into one of the holes that our dog had dug and fell on my ass.
 Which was very convenient for me really, as he leant over me and started raining blows at my head with both fists, which all landed on the bike helmet I was still wearing !.

   My younger flatmate came outside to see what was going on, and started telling him to leave me alone and get off our property.
 My now Ex friend staggered back from me and started making his way to the gate to leave, but not without throwing a sucker punch at the flatmate on the way past, which chipped one of his teeth.

   He then got into his car and drove off.

 I have just found out that he went to a mutual female friends place and demanded some pot from her. When she told him she had none, he then cursed and swore at her, before getting back into his car and wheelspinning out of her place, across her front lawn.

  I have known him for near twenty years now, (with regular contact), and never have I seen him like that before.

  I wonder if he is on more 'medication' than he has told anyone about ?.

     I have talked my flatmate out of laying assault charges against him, simply for the fact that we don't need the dramas involved in the whole process.
  And from this point on,, I have no friend anymore.

  And that hurts me worse than the punch ever did.

 And I Still couldn't bring myself to retaliate in like kind.


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